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Patricia Lebedel

Artist creator

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I'm a french illustrator and designer based in Brittany on the french west coast.

I studied graphic design, but I consider myself a self-taught artist over the years because every day is a lesson. 

I read this phrase, "An artist is a child who survived," and I try in my way to maintain the creative child in me. 

I worked for different french clients, mainly in design graphics and brand identity. I had the opportunity to be represented internationally by the agency "A Fresh Bunch" and collaborate with companies like Garven, Gibson, Avanquest, Sundance, and Design Design, which was a precious experience.

Being aware of what's going on is essential for me; that's why I'm a Make it in Design member who provides the latest trends on the market and participates in challenging designs for companies like Wallsauce, Bambino, Tree-free, and Hallmark. I'm also a member of the Illustrator's Circle from They Draw, where you can see some of my illustrations.

My work has multiple applications, from illustration (book, stationery, editorial) to textile design and home décor. I'm passionate about every creative process, whatever the subject.

If you have any questions about a project, don't hesitate to contact me by filling out the form below. 

I study all demands and do my best to answer closely.

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